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How to get Whitelisted for Invisible Friends NFT project?

Invisible friends is a very hyped-up project consisting of 5,000 unique animated characters. In this article we will talk about all ways to get whitelisted for Invisible Friends.

What is the invisible friends NFT Project?

Invisible Friends NFT is a unique 3D profile picture NFT collection. 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs will be available for mint on the Ethereum Blockchain expected in January 2022. The NFT Figure editorial staff gives the Invisible Friends NFT Project a Rating of A- because of the high-quality artwork, the experienced artist, and the big hype around this NFT project.

How to get whitelisted for the Invisible Friends NFT Project?

There are three main ways to get on the Invisible Friends Whitelist:

  1. Own an associated NFT
  2. Engage in the community
  3. Purchase a WL package

1. Own an associated NFT

Invisible friends is a member of the random characters collective. By purchasing one of their previous NFTs, for example SlimHoods and MoodRollers NFTs. If you hold one of these NFTs, you might get a whitelist spot for Invisible Friends. However, this is obviously not guaranteed. Also, if we take a look at the floor price of these NFT projects: The floor (as of this article) is about 1.3 eth, which is around $4000, so this might not be a choice for everybody.

2. Engage in the community

This brings us to the next way to get whitelisted for the Invisible friends NFT project, which is the normal engaging and participating in the discord. You can get whitelisted by messaging in the Invisible Friends discord, creating fan art, participating in events, etc. However, due to the hype around this project, you might need to get creative to even get the attention of the Invisible Friends NFT team.

3. Purchase a WL package

Lastly, and arguably the best way to get whitelisted for the invisible friends NFT project is by purchasing a whitelist service, for example from our website.

We offer multiple Whitelist services, including getting invites on your discord invite link, leveling up your discord account, chatting on your behalf, and even creating fan art in your name. Obviously, we have a money-back guarantee. If you are interested, please click the button below to learn more.

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