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The Best NFT Tools in 2022

NFTs are one of the best ways to make money in 2022. However, with the rise in popularity of NFTs it is getting harder and harder to make profitable NFT flips. Luckily, there are various Tools and Services that make it easier to profit more from NFTs.

Table of Contents

Category 1:

NFT Research

NFT Research websites are not only a good way to find new NFT projects but also perfect to find out more information about a project you’re interested in. Some NFT Research websites also display rarity rankings and floor prices next to basic information like social media links, mint date, etc.

1. Rarity.Tools

The Best NFT Tools 2022: Rarity.Tools

Rarity Tools is a website that shows the rarity traits and rankings of generative NFT collections. Rarity Tools also features upcoming NFT collections.


2. NFT Figure

The Best NFT Tools 2022: NFT Figure

NFT Figure, similar to Rarity.Tools, features upcoming NFT Projects. They not only provide basic information about the collections like Minting price, date, supply, and links, they also give each NFT project a rating from A to D. While they also feature unknown and smaller projects, it is easy to differentiate between projects you should mint and projects you should maybe not consider minting, thanks to their NFT ratings. 


3. Rarity Sniper

The Best NFT Tools 2022: Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is an NFT ranking platform. On Rarity Sniper, you can look up generative NFT collections and check the specific traits and rarity rankings. As of writing this article, they have almost 1,000 NFT collections on Ethereum, Solana & more. You can also see basic information about NFT collections like links and floor prices on Rarity Sniper.


Category 2:

NFT Snipe & rarity Extensions

There are a few chrome extensions & platforms that offer advanced features, for example displaying rarity directly in OpenSea, Quick-purchasing to snipe NFTs and contract minting features. These tools are usually paid, but offer a great advantage for those who use them.

1. Cyber Babies NFT

The Best NFT Tools 2022: Cyber Babies

Cyber Babies is an advanced NFT chrome extension and platform. Cyber Babies offers the following features: OpenSea Rarity, OpenSea Sniping, Easy Contract Minting. To get access to the tool you need to purchase a Cyber Baby NFT on OpenSea, which has a floor price of 1.3 ETH as of writing this article.


2. SnipeSea NFT

Similar to Cyber Babies, Snipe Sea is an advanced NFT chrome extension and platform. SnipeSea is currently not released yet but will offer the following features: OpenSea Rarity, OpenSea Sniping, Metamask Gas Presets, automatic Contract Minting & Whale watch wallet notifications via Discord, email, and text message. 999 SnipeSea Lifetime Access NFTs will mint expected in March 2022 for a mint price of 0.2 to 0.3 ETH. Join their Discord for updates and a possible Whitelist spot.


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